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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Occupy the Corporations

Officer Mario Guarin of the DC Metropolitian Police Department tries to push back a barricade erected by protesters in front of an office building containing a branch of the Monsanto Corporation.

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  1. NICE!!!

    At OLA I took notes at the GA where all the reportbacks for F29 took place.

    I was thrilled to record that 7 Cali occupations banded together and, among other shenanigans:

    -shut down or severely disrupted 3 different Wal-Mart distribution centers, successfully closed a Monsanto office, and Portland was marching well into the night.

    A woman, who had been here legally for 15 years, has two children, married to a citizen- had come to us for help with her foreclosure, and on F29 she was promptly deported.

    Police/Govt/Monsanto/Does it matter anymore?/is aggressively driving wedges between OccupyLA and the different groups we are trying to reach out to and empower. Same for you guys, too, I bet.

    Anyways keep it up. I go to GA on Wed nights here in Los Angeles, and there is always at least 70-100 people there, sometimes alot more.

    I am growing vegetables and storing the non-monsanto seeds.

    Thank you for publishing this blog, as it gives me hope.

    All of you give me hope and balls.