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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The past few days...

Got a chance to do laundry! Unfortunately, one of my sweaters shrunk two sizes. Anyways:

"Camp Anonymous" is viewed by some of its members as the only 'commons' space in McPherson Square where Occupiers can congregate and hang out.

Mounted park police stand in front of Freedom Plaza with the Capitol dome in the background.

The kitchen at Freedom Plaza, the second occupation site in Washington DC, recently recieved a 100% on its inspection by the health department

Protesters gather in Columbia Heights against Wells Fargo and the privatization of the prison industry.

A sign along Pennsylvania Ave asks for donations outside of Freedom Plaza.

Occupiers mic check the "State of the Occupation" outside of the White house while President Obama reads his State of the Union address at the Capitol.

Livestreamers broadcast the "State of the Occupation" address outside of the White House

Secret Service officers begin to clear Lafayette Park of occupiers reading their "State of the Occupation" address. A ranking officer stated that the park was being cleared "because I said so".

Occupiers prepare the daily schedule on the 117th day of occupation.

"Daisy" has been an occupier since the first week.

Occupiers shake hands after a game of chess at McPherson Square.

"Huckleberry" plays a harmonica in McPherson Square.

Occupiers jam in Freedom Plaza before a march to McPherson and then the Capitol building
There have been a few cats that have been adopted by occupiers in McPherson square, who take in the felines and try to find them a better home.

An occupier scales a statue at the corner of 14th and Vermont NW to place a sticker at the top.

An occupier defaces a sign on Vermont ave with a sticker saying "Occupy Everywhere".

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