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Friday, January 27, 2012

Police at McPherson 1/27

'Jake' photographs US park police arresting a man.

The US Park Police have started to show some muscle in their interactions with the occupation of McPherson Square. Whistles roused occupants from their tents last night at 3AM to about 10 park police patrolling the square looking for unlawful violations.

I scrambled out of my tent barefoot, not enough time to put on my big boots, to police ordering everyone onto the paved paths so that they can check tents. I heard one officer say something to the effect of "arrest the first person that gives us trouble". Within a minute this man (who asked to remain anonymous) jumped off of the pavement onto the dirt, and 4 cops were on him.

Of personal note, this man in a Park Police uniform repeatedly ignored clear requests for his badge number, and repeatedly shone his flashlight into my lens in attempts to censor what was going on. He had no badge, and after requests for his badge number failed I got the impression that he was not a police officer; either a trainee or support from some other agency.

Either way, tension at the occupation of McPherson Square is beginning to be palpable.

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  1. holy !@#$ guys. hang in there. I have found that laughter is the only thing that gets through the uniforms...