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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Freedom Merger

The two Occupy encampments in Washington DC, Occupy DC in McPherson Square and Occupy Washington DC in Freedom Plaza, both voted to merge their general assemblies into a single occupation at McPherson Square last week. The merger ends 6 months of tension between the two encampments as they come together in an "occumarriage".

It was a sad day for Occupy Washington DC as they voluntarily dismantled their encampment on Freedom Plaza. Here, Vietnam veteran Edward Hunt removes one of the final items from the last communal tent : a dreamcatcher hanging from the only portal for natural light beside the doorways. Supplies from Freedom Plaza will be distributed to a number of locations including McPherson Square, into storage and a private site established for the logistical support of occupiers coming in from out of town.

A lot of emotion passed through these tents - love and compassion; frustration and anger; and what I can only imagine would be the hopes and dreams of a multigenerational movement to change the world for the better. I dont believe in energy working, but if there is such a thing, the web of this relic will glow for centuries to come.

Occupy Washington DC at Freedom Plaza votes to merge their occupation with Occupy DC at McPherson Square.

William Miniutti, signatory on Occupy Washington DC's permit for encampment on Freedom Plaza, speaks at a general assembly in McPherson Square about the issues regarding the transfer of the permit from Freedom Plaza to McPherson Square. The combined assembly found no consensus on the issue of the permit transfer, and encampment at McPherson Square will continue unpermitted.

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