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Sunday, April 1, 2012

National Occupation of Washington DC / McPherson's Resistance Carnival / April Fools

NOWDC general assembly

NOWDC general assembly

Banner behind the performance space, McPherson

Booth at McPherson Square's Resistance Carnival

Occupiers use their bodies to spell out "D.C." for a scavenger hunt in McPherson.

Bubbles - McPherson

Dance party at McPherson

Learning to ride a unicycle - McPherson

Dance party - McPherson

Dance party - McPherson

April Fools Day Black Bloc
Demonstrators hold a toast the Bank of America.

Arrested for chalking on a building housing an office branch of the Monsanto Corporation

Police in front of the Monsanto offices.

Annie Appel photographs occupiers across the country.

April Fools March

Solidarity push-ups

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